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Originally Posted by BmxHockey View Post
Improve rate of force development (RFD) if you want to be more explosive. Google it.
Rate of force development is key in hockey off-ice training and it should be the primary goal of your off-ice power training. A high RFD can be elicited both through dynamic and isometric (static) muscle contractions. Basically, your movement speed on the concentric phase of a lift/movement should be fast if you want to maximize RFD.

Lift heavy to recruit more muscle units, lift as fast as possible on the concentric phase to increase RFD. The heavier you go the slower the movement of the weight but if your effort is put into a fast movement the "intended" movement speed is what counts, not the actual movement speed.

This little bit of sports science is what makes hockey players powerful without being overly muscled in the legs and hips (too much bulk is a disadvantage). Always do this work at the beginning of a workout — quality reps mean everything here. The goal is not muscular fatigue.

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