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01-20-2004, 03:19 PM
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Originally Posted by emenius
Just because his view clash's with your's, dosn't make him a dummy. If Sundin was a Canuck, im sure he would be just as good, if not better the Forsberg. :|
I think Sundin would be loved here, but I wouldn't go that far.

Something I really want to add here:

I get a big feeling that either Burke is making a very concerned pitch for O'Neil, or O'Neil is Vancouver bound. Here is my evidence:

- About a year ago, Burke was on the after-hours show on HNIC, and proclaimed that the need is not a second line centre (as some said), but of a 2nd line 'winger with size'. He said something to the effect of not wanting any softies.

- In the off-season, in I believe it was the Province, a reporter speculated that Burke could make a move for a guy to play with the Sedin's, and mentioned Jeff O'Neil. Burke's response was 'that's something along the lines of what I'm looking for'.

- Jim Rutherford and Brian Burke do talk often. Burke has stated that he does talk to Jim about once a week. We know they do have a trading history (Langdon & Malik for Hlavac & Druken).

- Rutherford's bosses (ownership) has been steering the Canes into a low-cost rebuilding team. This means that Rutherford may be very interested in prospects & draft picks, of which are the Canucks only real assets outside of depth guys and possibly Brent Sopel or Matt Cooke.

- There is a clear team need for secondary scoring, and the Canucks could afford Jeff's contract. If for nothing else, Burke could simply let him go as an RFA when the year winds up. O'Neil would be something of a rent-a-player, but if Burke could resign him, that's cool too.

- There may be some salary room for Burke to move around here. With Slegr gone, and most of the season done with, Burke would probobly be on the hook for about $1.5 million (minus Slegr's departure). This would mean he'd probobly have to ask his owner, but McCaw has been pretty generous as of late.

- Might not mean much, but O'Neil and Bertuzzi played together on the Guelph Storm OHL team in the early 90's.

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