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Originally Posted by Digger12 View Post
Not that I disagree with this point, but in the Oilers case how were they expected to shelter the kids when their supposed 'vets' were routinely failing to deliver?

And in the case of Hall and Eberle, it's not like they're raw rookies these days...both are in their 4th full NHL seasons, it's not unreasonable to expect that they can get the training wheels taken off their bikes by now. Even RNH is in his 3rd year...and in his case he was actually lauded for being a sound defensive player in his first 2 years, it's only this year that we're seeing him being routinely burned - and I maintain that coming back from a serious injury and missing all of training camp has put him in a hole that he's still trying to dig himself out of.
while i agree with the idea of playing gordon's like against the other teams top teams (its pretty fricken crazy that easkins isn't doing this actually).... you have a very good point that hall and eberle should be a LOT better defensively by now... they aren't raw rookies anymore, eberle especially should be more defensively aware by this point.... i can give yakupov and schultz a pass because they are essentially still rookies... RNH is coming off surgery and missed training camp, and at least he is still somewhat adequate on defense.... eberle on the other hand is a train-wreck in his own zone pretty much every time he's in his own zone

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