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11-03-2013, 09:52 PM
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Originally Posted by AM View Post
Kevin Lowe isn't the one organizing the on ice product of the Edmonton Oilers. HE is organizing the sports business of Katz.

What don't people understand about this. Lowe said he wanted out and Katz gave him the out by pushing him up.

Stop blaming Lowe for the Oilers, it just makes you look ignorant.
stop blaming him? so, this mess is just a strange thing that evolved by accident, like a weird looking rock formation? he is that guy at the top throughout the whole thing. under his tenure, the team has been the worst or near the worst in the league. every decision has backfired; every single move hasn't worked.

his is, more than any other single person (well, Tambo is close), the most to blame. denying this make you look ignorant.

why did Lowe go with MacT to Toronto to interview Eakins? he needed to be there? he doesn't trust his manager to hire his own guy? what about the Yakupov pick? Tambo wanted to take Murray. who over-ruled? we will never know.

we will never know how involved Lowe actually is, but there are many indications that he is more than just on the periphery. I have it on inside authority from a 30 year, important Oiler's employee (who we all know) that KLowe is calling the shots. and even if he isn't, his record as President of hockey operations is deplorable.

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