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11-03-2013, 09:52 PM
Jek McPorkins
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Good post, harpoon.

I think smackdaddy might be framing you as a little distant. I can see that interpretation. Good on you for clarifying.

The local pressure is quite a bit more suffocating than it may seem to out of towners, though. All of the media, the water cooler talk, the sports bars, everything is just so invasive that you can't really tune out the Oilers for long. And it can be incredibly aggravating that the local pride is a doormat club. Perhaps we need to give each other the room to vent, to threaten to walk away, to curse the team. It's a dark, remote, cold Edmonton winter. If hating this team brings people together, so be it. Just my two cents, not at anyone in particular.

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