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Originally Posted by harpoon View Post
I'm not trying to be confrontational here, but you couldn't possibly be more wrong. I've been an Oiler fan since 1979. I had seasons tickets for several years. I now live in another country so the best I can do is follow this site (and other internet sources) everyday and buy center ice online. You get to watch games with your buddies in the bar, or maybe even atend in person if you choose. I wake up in the middle of the night to watch games alone on the internet - and you are questioning my dedication? I stated earlier in this thread that I will never stop watching and cheering for the Oilers. I think you need to question the dedication of fans who want to walk away from a team because its at the low point in its history. Some fans have actually said they wont watch until the team starts winning, or makes the playoffs or whatever. Does that spell dedication in your world? Spells bandwagoner where I come from.

Call these players a pack of losers if that's what they are (and I won't argue at all) but don't quit, or threaten to quit and then have the nerve to say that you are quitting because you are such a devoted and passionate fan. That doesn't even make sense.

Furthermore, I question the bolded section of your post. Its not accurate. "Most" fans of the Oilers couldn't even name the full roster. This site caters to hardcore fans. We are far from representative of the general fan.

Absolutely. I'm in favor of fans - especially the ones who paid good money to sit in the seats - booing the travesty that is the current on ice product. Please go ahead and criticize the team cause they stink and they deserve it. But don't threaten to quit. And don't make emo posts about how bad life is since we are poorly entertained. Nobody on the team cares about us. Nuge isn't bringing the Cup to your house if we win it. We aren't involved beyond the point of being a consumer for an entertainment product.

You could not have said that any better....I live in ottawa and stay up past midnight watching games online or on center ice and get up at 630am to get ready for work etc....The people who say they will watch when they are winning are not the real fans. The poeple who stick through all this losing and embarassment are the real fans. Sure, I am as peeved as the next guy, but I am a fan. I am not going to swicth over to cheer for the Pens because crosby is an amazing player and the team is stacked. I'm possessional of the oilers. I am jealous when other teams win and we lose.....When we start winning it will be nice to have earned that right of people to be jealous of us!!!!

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