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11-04-2013, 09:06 AM
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Brett Brown knows Sixers must run to survive

Baby the Sixers were born to run.....

Like I noted and confirmed in the article..Sixers can't play a half court game or they are toast. However, they have the legs and youth to continue to run but not sure how that will play out over the course of a long season. I will say the freelance offense they are deploying is fun to watch and I'm sure fun for the players. If they had Nerlens in the middle forget about a top 5 pick..but there is still a chance they can't sustain this even though it is fun to watch. Beats the Flyers putrid and uninspired play...

Funny how the Sixers and the Eagles have a dynamic offense while the Flyers are lame now in that dept...Phillies I guess also blow.

After three games, the Sixers’ ability to run, get shots in the paint and then run some more has been evident. The 3-0 start with wins over the Heat, Wizards and Bulls has come, in part, because when the opposition starts sucking wind, the Sixers keep running.

Former MVP Derrick Rose said as much after the Sixers overcame a 20-point deficit in the third quarter to stun the Bulls on Saturday night.

“We took a breath and they kept going,” Rose said after the game.

But according to coach Brett Brown, the Sixers can do better. They can go much faster.

“I think it’s a B. I think we need to get it up to a B-plus to an A,” Brown said grading his team's up-tempo pace on offense. “I think it’s good, but it’s not great. At times it’s great, but it’s not consistent.”

As Brown says, if the Sixers get caught in a half-court game, they are in trouble. In able to survive, Brown wants his team to push the basketball.

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