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Originally Posted by EDMOilers1984 View Post
You could not have said that any better....I live in ottawa and stay up past midnight watching games online or on center ice and get up at 630am to get ready for work etc....The people who say they will watch when they are winning are not the real fans. The poeple who stick through all this losing and embarassment are the real fans. Sure, I am as peeved as the next guy, but I am a fan. I am not going to swicth over to cheer for the Pens because crosby is an amazing player and the team is stacked. I'm possessional of the oilers. I am jealous when other teams win and we lose.....When we start winning it will be nice to have earned that right of people to be jealous of us!!!!
To each their own.

I feel the kind of allegiance your feeling, towards the Bentley Generals. They're my "home town team" whom I grew up cheering for & if the day should ever come where they have a losing record...I will remain loyal to them. Thing is...that's a totally different type of respect I have for the Gens' than what I do towards ANY NHL team.

I hold professional players...even the a different standard than the Bentley Generals.

I don't go to Gens' games expecting 18 skaters to play near-perfect hockey. Sometimes...they do it anyways...but for the most part...I just respect what they are out there "working Joes".

The Oilers have all day to be ready to play, they get paid to be ready to play and they are supposed to play to a level which exceeds any other.

The Oilers fail to do this. They are....make no mistake...fully capable of losing to an AHL team on some nights. To be fair...there are a few other NHL teams who have SUNK to this sad state/level.

But damned if Im going to accept it as "my duty" to live & die with this ********.

Go Gens!

Go Pens!

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