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Originally Posted by Consultant View Post
So the scapegoat is the guys who had been around the longest?
Or is it because he is the most passionate of the bunch?
First of all he is not the GM, this is a fact, he is one voice among many and not the GM.
He likely cares the most, know hockey well and he is a winner, 6 cups does matter to me. I'm tired of people blaming him because they think he runs all the operations, he doesn't. He is now just a scapegoat cause he's been around the longest. Maybe the fact he has drifted to the background is the problem?
Scapegoat? Child please. He is the head of hockey operations, he is in on the draft, every traded and he picks the Gm.

Passionate is a good thing if used in a positive way. He is passionate in a negative way. He goes out of his way to screw over players if they displease him, even if it is in the end bad for the team. Tons of examples of this.

Winning 1, 2, 6, 20, 50 cups as a player means ZERO as a front office person. He deserves WAY more blame than he has gotten and is getting. He is so used to being lofted softballs by media and having zero accountability that he goes ballistic and acts like a sheer and utter fool, showing his true colours in the mact T hire presser when one member of the media amazingly had the nuts to ask him one semi tough question.

Lowe is every thing that is wrong with this team.

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