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11-04-2013, 11:03 AM
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Originally Posted by Beerfish View Post
This line of thinking is beyond laughable. What 'year' of a rebuild a team is in is almost totally irrelevant. What is relevant is a team progressing each year as they gain experience and the front office adds more pieces. There is no magic timeline. There have been just as many teams that never achieved the great rebuild as did.

At this point in time this team looks worse than ever and that is a major problem.
That is not entirely true after we drafted Hall there was a lot of talk about a 5 year rebuild plan. It takes time for young players to develop. We drafted high end skill which will continue to get better for at least the next 5 years. We drafted gritty bottom 6 players in the last few drafts which should produce at least a couple cheap players for the bottom 6 when the Oilers will be actual contenders (2015-16?).

We all want the team to be good now but if we don't make the playoffs this year or even next year it would only show that rebuilding through the draft is a really slow process. Edmonton does not have the luxury of being a sought after free agent location to speed up the rebuild. Players are starting to recognize the Oilers will be good soon and last year we got Gordon and Ference which is a good start but we are still not going to attract a Lundquist or Miller to fix the goaltending issues this summer.

We know we have too many perimeter skill players and a lack of grit a few trades are needed and further development of our draft picks will be required before we can consider this team a contender. The team does not look "worse than ever" on paper most of us thought it was a bubble playoff team this year which is more than the predictions were sense the start of the rebuild. This year has been underwhelming but we are still a rebuilding team and at least for now patience is still required.

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