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01-20-2004, 03:57 PM
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Originally Posted by Mats NAslund
Espion you must really hate the habs....every trade I've seen you propose is way in favor of the other team (NOT THE HABS) GAGNE is overated...Try moving Bouillion Brisebois so that we can get some real talent in the lineup....
I often see trade proposals by Hab fans (and just about everyone else) who are considered as "not good enough" or "not fair to a team". I am trying to put together packages who would actualy work, that COULD REALY land the talent I would be seeking. If overpaying is what I have to do accomplish that, then that is what I will continue doing. It's better than being a homer habs fan and posting "Brisebois for Gagné).

And by the way... During spring training this year, anyone in Montreal would have made a "Souray-Gagné" deal if they could have. That includes André Savard (if he had still been GM). I am positive about that. Gagné is considered as a solid all around LW who has yet to reach his prime. Souray (although very good THIS year) is just having a career year. Those things usualy only happen once in a career. Sure, he could pull it off again in 2005 but I somehow doubt it. He came out of nowhere to have a brilliant start but will be watched much more closely in the future. IMO, he will continue to be a valuable stay at home tough guy but his offensive numbers will not last (at this rate at least) past this year.

Souray`s value is at an all-time high and IMO will not be this high one year from now. On that basis, this is the best possible time to trade him.

One year ago, Marcel Hossa came into Montreal and scored 6 goals in 6 games and everyone though the habs had a good young sniper. Jacques Demers said on RDS that he was "the best LWer in Montreal since Vincent Damphousse and this is no flash in the pan". Then would have been the best time to trade Hossa: he was on a hot streak. Today, Marcel Hossa is worth very little and is probably no longer a part of Bob Gainey`s plans.

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