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11-04-2013, 01:12 PM
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Originally Posted by hawksfan50 View Post
Analysis of why we lost:

1. CGY blocked 25 shots...Team Dynasty could only summon up the compete and sacrifice and risk level to muster JUST 7 blocked shots...sure we shot more than them but still the BS stat showed which team wanted the win more...

2. Culprit on the CGY 1st goal was our Stupor Star #19 who was lolligagging out high watching the play with back turned to the point shot instrad of hustling to a position to face the shot and attempt a block...vetdict: FAIL!

3.Culprit on the CGY OT goal was our Stupor Star #88 who failed to hustle out to the loint shooter and attempt a shot block...verdict: despite his goal and assist this does not excuse the lack of hustle and lack of willingness to risk a block and possible loss of teeth or other injury or just momentary pain to help protect Crawford and the team again the verdict is : FAIL!

P.S. It is harder to fail Brookbank on the CGY 2nd goal for getting beaten on a speed rush by Glencross who got off a wicked shot to score...because he can be beaten with this was not a failure of hustle or will but an actual ability flaw taken advantage of by CGY.

Anyway they scored 3. ..2 of which might have been preventable except for the poster boys unwillingness to compete harder by getting to correct position and blocking a shot attempt.
Thank you for formatting your post. It's the first one of yours that I've completely read, even if I don't happen to agree with it all.

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