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11-04-2013, 01:13 PM
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Originally Posted by Consultant View Post
So the scapegoat is the guys who had been around the longest?
Or is it because he is the most passionate of the bunch?
First of all he is not the GM, this is a fact, he is one voice among many and not the GM.
He likely cares the most, know hockey well and he is a winner, 6 cups does matter to me. I'm tired of people blaming him because they think he runs all the operations, he doesn't. He is now just a scapegoat cause he's been around the longest. Maybe the fact he has drifted to the background is the problem?
OMG!! He is a winner with 6 cups. We didnt know that!
Change of heart. Kevin, please dont resign, please.
Since you are a winner (won 6 cups as a 5th Dman) we need ya big guy. That means you will win every trade, draft well, have great strategic planning, understand the implications of the salary cap, choose your GM and hockey ops guys well....
Hold on, none of those things have anything to do with being a good defensive Dman, they are unrelated skills!
Its like saying, you are awesome at Olympic High Jumping so you MUST be great at managing the factory that produces Athletic Shoes for High Jumpers.

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