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Originally Posted by DrinkFightFlyers View Post
Finally, all the *****ing and moaning about these clauses, when have they really come back to bite anyone in the ass (that we know of). It may happen behind closed doors where a guy refuse to waive, but without being able to verify this, it doesn't appear to be that big of an impediment to trading someone. Tomas Kaberle I remember refusing to waive, Jerome Iginla refused to go to a certain team but ultimately was traded, and Dany Heatly I think did the same thing. Outside of them, can you think of anyone that hasn't waived? Maybe I am off-base on this, but how many confirmed people do we know rejected a trade? If I'm wrong you can ignore this argument, but I honestly can't remember anyone else besides those three examples (and I mean confirmed examples, not you heard that Coburn did or you heard that Briere did).
i think Briere refused to waive his NTC as well which led to the buyout. but i agree mostly with what you said. NTC's are a little overrated. if it can help you sign a player for a little less cap then you do it. Briere at least had a reason to not waive, his kids and family, Hartnell doesn't really have anything tying him to Philly. if Homer goes to him and tells him they want to move him, i can't see Hartnell making a big stink over it. he might give a list of teams but that's it. if the team decides they want him gone, he will be moved.

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