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11-04-2013, 02:32 PM
Connor McOilers
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I voted "I bleed copper and blue". Might bother some but any other response = casual/part time fan status to me. Edit- I should add though that the meltdowns on here are hilarious enough to make up for the fact that I can't browse this board without my volume muted because of the damn auto play ads.

That said although I have no intention of ever switching teams no matter how much they suck, this is the year where the losing has started to change my attitude towards the game in general. Instead of racing home every night to catch the pre game show I often find myself more willing to go out with friends instead or just have the game on in the background while I'm studying.
If things turned around or the right people lost their jobs I'd probably perk up pretty quick, but for now the losses are pushing me further way from hockey in general as I won't cheer for any other teams.

Anyways probably starting to ramble now, but I'll just say I'm thankful that my NFL team the Seahawks are doing well because without it I'd have nothing going for me as a sports fan lol.

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