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Originally Posted by Sabresfansince1980 View Post
If you look at the Pominville deal for what it was at the time of the trade, it was a 1st, next season's 2nd, Larsson and hackett.

Vanek got a (conditonal) 1st, next season's 2nd, and Moulson.

Vanek had less games left than Pominville but Buffalo covered more salary with a higher %, so that kinda evens out. But comparing Moulson to Larsson and Hackett, easily Vanek got the better return.

BUT...if you consider what Pominville's 1st got, a pick that slid up after Minny slid down the standings, and then ended up with a Zadorov sliding to that spot, that's quite an improvement on the original deal. So if Vanek's 1st can turn into a mid-teens pick and result in a high end prospect his return still wins. If not it might end up a tie, but I doubt it since Moulson will likely return another 1st or better.

I dont look at who was drafted---just where the expectation was of where the pick ended up.

At the time of the deal Minnesota looked to be a division winner so the first was expected to be mid 20s, the 2nd was expected to be mid 50s. Minnesota closed poorly thus the pick moved from mid 20s to 16.

The expectation on the Islanders pick this year is it will be 12-20, while the 2nd pick would more likley be in the low 50s.

Originally Posted by WhoIsJimBob View Post
I think it depends on what happens with Moulson.

If they get a 1st for Moulson (especially if it's a 2016 1st), I'll lean towards the Vanek deal netting them more.
why a 2016? Id rather have a 2015. I want the rebuild to be short.

Originally Posted by Chainshot View Post
Also not to be ignored is the Sabres willingness to pick up 20% of Vanek's salary. The hockey value to that money is likely expressed with one of those picks.
Dont see that much of a difference to be honest. 20% this year for Vanek this year < what was retained for Pominville.

Originally Posted by Rob Paxon View Post
It's hard to say. Do we look at the return the day of, or in retrospect? Minnesota's first turning into pick #16 increases the return substantially, as does a #16 turning into Zadorov. Larsson is an NHLer, which is more than we can say for the Vanek picks.

I dont look at who you drafted with the pick. You didnt know where the pick would be so you estimate where you think it would be. The issue of who they drafted is really irrelevent in this.

Judging the Vanek return is a bit harder imo, unless we were to trade Moulson, because then we'd know what Moulson's value is. If Moulson returns a 1st rounder from a playoff team, the return would look fairly similar I think. If the return is about equal, then Vanek got the better return due to his contract status.
the 1st and 2nd wash out.

Its Moulson vs Hackett+ Larsson

If Moulson walks then the Vanek deal returns less. If Moulson returns a 1st + player/2nd then its worth more than Hackett + Larsson.

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