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Originally Posted by Ironmanrulez View Post
I want homer to fire the last 3 years! So iīam not like pens fans!

A lot of peoples on here have seen a lot in Bob. And a lot of peoples have said, that he will be a starter in this league! That he win the Vezina was a fluke, but nevertheless i have said it and i will say it every season again:

Homer isnīt a good GM. With his good scouting team and the money of Snider he can buy a team which is competing good in the league but he canīt build a contender! He isnīt patienced. He isnīt loyal to players. He is a horrible cap manager. He isnīt good when it comes to look in the future before signing high salaries.

He donīt know the rules of this leagues!! +35 rule.....

He deserves to go!!!
Homer is better than a lot of GMs. (My opinion just as valid as yours)

He has put together a team talented enough to compete in this league, at some point it's the responsibility of the guy with the puck on his stick.

Can't build a contender? The Flyers have contended plenty over Holmgrens tenure.

Is spending to the cap considered being a horrible cap manager. Hey, you remember in 2010 when Capspace scored all those goals? That was awesome.... Will he still be terrible at cap management next year when the team has (depending on the cap rising) 8-12 million in space? This team could create 20 million in cap space in the blink of an eye.

Holmgren doesn't care about the 35+ rule, NMC/NTC, cap, etc... because he knows there are ways around just about everything. I'm a fan of improving the team if a better option exists at GM, but to make a change just to do it? No thanks.

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