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11-04-2013, 05:08 PM
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Originally Posted by TellNoMore View Post
Get rid of the staged fights; face-off, drop helmets, officials stand aside and boom. Makes NHL look like WWE.
Fights breaks out in the midst of heated play, fine, but get rid of the fight 3 seconds into the game; what are they pissed off about, the hotel brunch?
I never ever understand this comparison... What on earth makes it like WWE?
- Is it the pyro and entrance music?
- Do coaches meet before the game to discuss who's going to win the fight?
- Do they agree upon a hardcore match where tables, ladders and chairs are allowed to be used in the fight?
- Oh, i know... It's the suplexing, powerbombs, top rope frog-splashes and 3 counts that make it look like the WWE.

Fights 3 seconds into a game? Right on, because you know something that happened in a previous game should never be addressed if a player did something questionable.

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