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12-16-2006, 10:41 PM
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So just got back. Had to sit in front of a bunch of homers who know nothing about hockey, constantly complaining that EVERYTHING should be called against the Sens and yet when buffalo did the same thing it was "ha yeah take that, sens are such pansys" and "did you see that slash, he was like 'get out of my face ***'". The best was on the penalty shot, they couldnt believe it, like seriously couldnt believe and at that point was truly convinced the game was fixed.

Other than that, getting to see them play up close I learned a few things.

Corvo = Soft. I mean real soft, like triple ply toilet paper soft. Like a 90 year old mans sex drive without Viagra soft. Wow. Soft.

Kelly = Useless on the 1st line. 2nd line for that matter. 3rd line too.

Preissing = aka The Invisible Man on defense

Mcgratton = A guy learning to skate for the first time.

But nonetheless was awesome to rub it in the face of all those sabres fans at the end, and some awesome goaltending by Emery.

Hey, this team was put together for the sole purpose of beating the Buf Sabres. Mission accomplished Muckler. Now what about the other 28 teams?

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