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Originally Posted by Replacement View Post
The ice would contribute to some of it. Anybody thats played hockey hates playing on poor ice with ruts or alternately slush in it. Rexall ice is poor. Thats a contributing factor on some injuries. Small team, stupid team with little vet experience teaching kids what to avoid. Even the vets we have like Hemsky are dumb as hammers when it comes to sensibly avoiding trouble spots. This being a guy that got run by Regehr 3 times in one game. Twice headfirst into the boards.

When you got a team with this kind of on ice leadership a whole lot of stupid takes place out there.

Theres a meme of Hall rushing the puck against "Chara so I better keep my head down" It would be funny if not true. Hall fits the great lineage here of offering head on platter too many times. WE have a lot of guys that seem to not see hits coming.
I think it's a valid point. Being small and physically weak is a big part of it, but i think there is something to be said about learning to avoid injuries in the NHL. It is no accident that the problem reached pandemic proportions from 2007 on, just as the team generally got worse.

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