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Originally Posted by oilers_guy_eddie View Post
I'm trying to figure out what you're saying. You don't think Lowe should be held accountable? Is that it?

He spent 3 years running the franchise into the ground himself, and supervised as Steve Tambellini ran it into the ground for 4 more years.

Now he's hired his best bro to run the team. How many qualified candidates did he interview to replace Tambellini? What was the recruitment process? Did they talk to anybody at all aside from MacTavish?

He is in every meeting, he apparently has the final word on hockey decisions, and his job title says he's In Charge of Hockey Operations.

Well the Operations that he is In Charge of are CRAP. From top to bottom.

This franchise has become a joke. The only thing I can think of to compare is the Islanders of 10 or so years ago when Charles Wang and Mike Milbury were in charge. That's how bad it is. We are a laughing-stock. That might sound harsh, but that is the reality. And if you preside over a laughing-stock for this long, you get fired.

You can't let the guy who has been in charge while the franchise has rotted to this deplorable state continue to be in charge. You just can't. It is nonsensical. It is galactically stupid.
You're just assuming all of the negative answers. To be honest, I have no idea how much Lowe should be held accountable. That would take an in depth knowledge of the organization and how it works, what opportunities they passed up and etc.. Something I don't have so I don't start making assumptions.

I do know though that the players get certain amount of ice time and they are the actual ones playing.


Enough said.

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