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Originally Posted by Playa Hedja View Post
I understand the timeline, I even believe it to some extent. My only problem is how admitting to a rebuild became a free pass to some people for the last 8 seasons.
Right.. And then it seems we're only talking about those 1st round picks. Over the last ten years, this team has been downright horrible with the overall best draft picks in the league per round.

The Oilers have a TOTAL of 8 NHL players who they drafted in the last 10 years.

They only have a TOTAL of 20 of the 79 players they've drafted under contract. So only 12 players not playing in the NHL were drafted by the club.

Out of those 12 non NHL contracts, only 3 were players NOT drafted in the 3rd round or higher. Those players are Omark, Roy and Gernat.

That is the number one reason this team is where it's at. We can argue all day about RNH vs Landeskog or Yak vs Mackinnon.... whatever...

In contrast, and I use them as an example all the time because they're run the right way, Detroit, who's had the WORST overall draft picks in regards to order, has 14 on the active roster not counting Datsyuk, Franzen or Zetterberg because they're pre 2004 but this is the real telling number.... They have 40 players under contract who they drafted in the last 10 years. 43 they drafted overall and 2 others in Glendenning and Dekeyser who are local kids they signed as UFA...

So a team that drafts in the upper part of every round for 10 years on average, has 20 players over the last ten years and a team that drafts in the lower half every year has over 40...

That's why this team cannot win. They have drafted with an all or none mentality. Where's the drafting of guys like Helm, Abdelkader, Andersson, etc... They dont draft role players throughout the draft. People kind of chukled at Detroit when they grabbed Tyler Bertuzzi late in the second round this past year because he wasnt rated higher.... As Ken Holland said after, he had an extra second round pick and took the best role player in the draft in their opinion. This team needs to think this same way.

So for now, they're going to have to fill the role player holes outside of the organization. Until they start drafting and developing these guys, it's gonna be the same old story...

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