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Originally Posted by mrheroz View Post
Yes i have the grades to enter either hec or mcgill or concordia. But i think concordia is better because of the coop program no? having some experience is better when searching for a job. so im not sure whats better : experience in coop ( concordia) or going in a better college ( hec) ?
Let me give you my 0.02$.

I'm a former HEC student, not in accounting though. But I do know quite a few people from my time at HEC who are now at EY, KPMG, PWC. HEC is definitely a school of accountants. It's well rated and it's well known by the big companies (they organize plenty of different recruitment events e.g cocktails). Now, I must admit that I don't know the coop program of Concordia, but I feel like it might not be that important if you want to get in one of the big accounting firms. From what I know and heard there are two things that they'll look for: your grades (3.5 GPA at least if you want good odds) and your personality during those networking events (you WILL attend). They want students that will fit their organizational culture. To improve your CV you might also want to get involved in some school committees, although that isn't specific to accounting.

On the other hand, if you aren't looking to work in a big firm, forget everything that I've just said. Coop programs are obviously great because they give you that oh-so-precious experience that is hard to come by in the beginning.

In conclusion, I don't think that you can really go wrong either way. Both schools offer good programs, each have their own strengths and "weaknesses" but you can certainly overcome said weaknesses if you want to (i.e. find internships while at HEC or get great grades at JSMB to overcome the slight reputation difference).

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