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11-04-2013, 11:24 PM
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I have stopped believing in many of the players at this point. I understand blaming coaches, GMs and the culture but the guys on the Oilers are supposed to be pros. Even if they aren't given the best of all things they are capable of winning more and being in games.

I haven't even seen them trying for quite a while and for that reason I have lost an inner interest in the Oilers. I will always be a fan and I await actually feeling some kind of passion for the team as a lifelong Oilers fan.

Right now if someone that isn't an Oilers fan were to talk about the Oilers I would likely go on and make more insults about the team than any Flames or Canucks fan can be capable of doing.

I long to see a less talented team like we had in the 90s that actually cared about the game and wanted to win.

People look at a couple holes on the team and say that is why we can't win. Look back at gaping holes we had many times in the past. We had worse defence in the past and we still won, we had unknown goalies that were definately no better any maybe worse than Dubnyk and we could win more than we did now. The difference was the players played hard.

I used to be proud that the Oilers would play any game, especially the playoffs to win. They didn't have to be better on paper as they could knock off any team on a given night.

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