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Originally Posted by Shanahanigans View Post
If Eberle was on a team like San Jose, he'd be an elite player. Put Couture on the Oilers, and he'd struggle big time.
Put Schultz on the Preds, he'd look amazing. Put Jones in Edmonton, he busts quicker than Bosingore.

Why these random scenarios? Every single team in the league develops players by SHELTERING THEM. Eberle did amazing in his sophmore season because he was sheltered. I believe Eberle is a complimentary player who doesn't need to be sheltered anymore, but only when playing with our only elite player in Hall.

RNH has ridiculous potential. Anyone who watches this team can see. This guy is 20 years old. He was a teenager 6 months ago. He didn't step onto the ice for 6 months while recovering from shoulder surgery. He's 175lb. Yet he gets matched against Datsyuk, Crosby, Thornton, etc. because we have nobody else who can do it.

Justin Schultz was thrown into our top pairing last year. He struggled defensively. New season, new coach, new system. 60 games into his NHL career. He has no idea what the heck he is doing out there anymore.

On the Hawks in 2010, Toews was 22 and Kane was 21. You know which veterans they had on the team to learn from and protect them and teach them a team game? Hossa, Sharp, Bolland, Byfuglien, Ladd, Carcillo, Keith, Seabrook, Brouwer, Burish, Campbell, Kopecy, John Madden, Verseteeg. All these players were at least 24 during that cup run. Think they didn't help Toews and Kane turn into superstars? You think that if we had a 22 year old Toews, and a 21 year old Kane, that we wouldn't be as bad as we are now? You think our current roster could give those guys anything to work with? Kane had Hossa on his line. RNH has Ryan Freaking Jones.

On the Penguins in 2009, these are the vets they had that were over 25 and helped Sid, Malkin and Letang become superstars: Talbot, Sykora, Satan, Kunitz, Guerin, Gonchar, Cooke, Adams, Fedetenko, Dupuis, Gill, Orpik, Scuderi.

Other than Orpik and Talbot, every single one of those guys was acquired AFTER Sid was drafted in 2005.

The Oilers have 3 players who fit the mold of veterans who can help teach the young players to play a pro game: Smid, Gordon, and Ference. 3rd line centre, a #4 dman, and a #5 Dman.

We haven't developed these players probably. We can be thankful that Taylor Hall was talented enough to turn out like he did. I just hope we don't screw up the development of RNH, Yak, and J Schultz.

If Yak is struggling, who is he getting tips from. Smyth? Eager? (P.S.- RNH said in the paper that he has been giving tips and advice to Yak and J Schultz so that they can get out of their Sophmore slumps. 20 year old Nuge.) Great job management. Great freaking job.

A few more additions: from the day Kane and Crosby set out on the ice their mgmt surrounded them with other vets who had already moved on by the time they were ready for the cup. Nevertheless these guys also helped shoulder the burden while they developed. Guys like Llemieux and Recchi in Pits and Khabi (who had just finished winning a cup in TB) come to mind.

These guys did exactly what they were supposed to.... Kept those impressionable kids from falling into a crisis of confidence.

And that's what's happened here. No amount of popcorn munching shots will convince me that our guys aren't trying hard enough... The problem is they've forgotten (or have yet to learn/introspect) how good teams bail each other out after an inevitable mistake. They are trying so hard not to be the guy to let the team down that they are doing exactly that. Did you see RNH after the Datsyuk goal? COMPLETE FRUSTRATION. Guesss what kid, you just got schooled by a hall of famer.

Guys like Gordon and Ference are the right steps, but it doesn't work if guys like Khabi and Horc are on the way out.... Granted Khabi and Horc may not be the best vets out there, but we needed a net ADD of vets, not neutrality in that department. The fact that we filled out our role players with Belovs and Joensuu's only perpetuates the problem. All of these guys are now learning what it takes to lose in the NHL.

We need to get healthy AND we need to have at least 1 probably 2 quantity for quality trades to upgrade our starting lineup... And that's just to salvage this season from inflicting permanent damage. Next summer we need to do it all over again.

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