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Originally Posted by AJGass4 View Post
I lost a little faith in Hervey with his comment suggesting that the team had the players to win. Yet week after week he saw this team **** away a chance to win a game with terrible play calling and what did he do? ABSOLUTELY NOTHING.

Sorry Ed, that statement made me even angrier than I am watching an Oiler's game. It didn't take a Rocket Scientist to see that this team was being out coached game in and game out and I have no clue what you were expecting to happen.
Most of us feel that the head coach should have been turfed at some point. My own take being before this season. I would've found a new head coach last winter. A year ago.

Trouble is the org felt different. But at some point in this season I believer Hervey determined there was going to be a change. But that nobody in the org felt that change should occur midway through the season. From the reads I get the org felt it would be more damaging to change head coaches midway through. I'm not sure how that could make matters worse but its what the org believes.

Reed leaked out some of the latest org philosophy when he stated this weekend that its assumed changes means that a team is getting closer to its goal. Is getting there.
He stated that changes is part of the noise that puts a team farther, not closer, to desired outcomes. Its probably the best point he's voiced all year. Actually a lot of the departing comments are solid.

This is probably a good man, heart in right place, but not a very good coach. I do find it interesting how much more sense Reed is suddenly making after being divested of pressure and duties. tbh I think he was overwhelmed in the role of headcoach much of the time. He stated that all the controversy and change didn't help. But he needed to slow that **** down and not have it get him off the game.

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