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11-05-2013, 09:40 AM
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Taking a dive

I would like to see how other fans feel about this.

I feel so embarrassed when I am watching a game and one of our players throws his head back and drops to the ice like a sack of potatoes. When he gets up he is feeling his face looking for blood and all you see is a little red mark. By the way they hit the ice you would swear they got side swiped by a shooting star.

I think its an embarrassment to the game also. If they want to play a sport that involves acting, perhaps wrestling is the place for them.

If a ref thinks that the player is acting or making it seem so much more than it is, should have the ability to impose a 4 min minor for faking and delay of game. Game gets interrupted for this crap and they have trainers coming out on ice and everything. But if they know they may get penalized, this may cut back on the garbage.

The player who tapped a player can still get 2 mins for high stick or whatever. But player getting shot in the face gets 4mins.

I believe this would keep the acting crap out of hockey and let those men play like men and stop trying to draw a penalty embarrassing the game.

This all is just my opinion and all I am doing is seeing how other people feel on subject and possibly post some great videos of the actors.

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