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11-05-2013, 10:41 AM
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As much as I dislike this player would like nothing more than to see him have 25 goals and 60 points. his would be helpful to the team. This is also what I would expect of a top 6 forward. Perhaps its too much to ask for this team to have legitimate top lines. But to accept that Smith can produce those numbers is unfounded in any way one looks at it. His best year at Waterloo was 76 points and the UAHL is a far cry form the NHL. So when the season is at the mid point and he has 6 to 8 goals and maybe 23 points and still icing 16 minutes of ice time I will feel no better. At some point we have to have expectations for these guys rather than POTENTIAL or hopes.

Many are calling for Trotz head because the players are not performing. Wow every player is a crap shoot especially those trying to brake in. And Trotz system is defensive focused forwards can still excel. It is easy to point a finger and blame the system for players failures, when in fact its the players that are the failures. There is nothing wrong with requiring a forward be defensively sound. n fact for a team to be successful they must be balanced. Most think the Preds are too defensive. One can look at the Oiliers who are the exact opposite. So there must be a little of both. As for Smith he is lacking in most defense abilities and has yet to prove such an offensive asset to make up for it. sure if he were a 35 goal scorer and 70 point guy I would never opine about how usless he is but hes not and will never be. Refer back to his body of work. While a decent college player the jump to NHL is proving too much for him. For that matter most college players suffer the same problems. There is a reason a kid makes a decision to go to college and most times it is they plan on there education rather than there sport to be there carrier path. Smith is 24 has missed out on any development in the system and is now in over his head.

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