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11-05-2013, 10:53 AM
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Set plays for Beer league

I am on a low level beer league team. We are progressing pretty well and are to the point where we should be running just a few set plays, particularly off face offs. I feel like it will help focus us and organize things a bit if guys know there is a specific thing they should be doing to make a play work instead of just trying to read and adjust, which is a mess because we all do that at different levels.

For example, I want to add a D zone faceoff play for a simple breakout. The idea is when we win a draw back(the center will obviously know this), to have the center immediately break out to the off side. The winger on that side, who is normally charging out to the point will also shade to that side when he clearly sees the puck is not coming back to the point. The D man behind the draw holds the puck to allow for a second or two of clearance, look off the attackers, and sends it hard around the boards to the weak side where the center/winger should already be headed for a quick breakout. Typically we just try to fight it through a crowd, but this gives us set roles and a plan to depend on.

Can anyone recommend some other good, EASY, zone plays I can add to this? Probably starting from faceoff is the best starting point since it does not require a bunch of recognition on the move and the center can call for the play.

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