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01-20-2004, 05:14 PM
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Re: In defense of Clarke

Originally Posted by rebellionhellion2002
i know he's made some bone headed moves and he was a real *** with Lindros, but when the Flyers need something-he does make a move(whether it works or not is not the issue) he has made good trades in the past and perhaps this will be one in hindsight. i loved Williams too,but to get quality you have to give i guess. now we need a GOALTENDER.
There should be no reason to defend Clarke. He is a very good GM,and only makes moves for the good of the team. Yes,I know that sometimes he's spent some of his youth for older players,but the reason is always in the benefit of his team. Markov is a terrific defenseman,aquiring him for Williams is very good for the play-offs and beyond. Although I am a Williams fan,(and he was one of my daughters favorite players as well),Justin was,is,and most likely always will be a streaky scorer. They need consistancy at his position,that's why I have a feeling that something else will be done before the trade deadline gets here. Clarkie will probably rob one of the non-playoff bound teams of a very good scorer.As for goaltending? Hmmm,maybe I shouldn't put two and two together,but last week I was at the Spectrum at the service entrance,(the company I work for is a supplier of foods for the sports complex's in Philly,so I'm in those buildings quite often),I saw none other than Bill Barber walking down from the head offices. I shook his hand and asked him why he was in Philly. He simply said,"just takin' care of some business for the Lightning". Now I've heard that the Tampa team may be having trouble re-signing Khabibolin......could he be comming to Philly?

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