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11-05-2013, 11:54 AM
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Originally Posted by Byrddog View Post
I will not be optimistic about Smith. I would prefer him be on another team or out of the league.

This guy is a T.U.R.D. and not even a polished one. He currently plays 16:30 to 17:30 a night so not enough minutes excuse, is gone.

Thru 14 games he has 2 goals this is a pace to have 12 by year end. His 5 assists are on pace for 40 assists. He also averages 4.8 goals per 100 shots. He now has played in 130 NHL games and has 20 goals and 35 assists.

In the last 134 games Spaling has had 28 goals and 27 assists yet most want to see him traded.

I fail to understand his performance has afforded him top 6 minutes. Then again he is but one problem the offense has. And because he is in the top few on the team in points that does not provide comfort to anyone. Heck the entire fanbase has become accustom to poor offense. To promote Smith as the offensive option for the team is very shortsighted.
Do you know him personally or something and have something against him? I'm not sure you have seen all the games and if you have then maybe you need a lesson in how hockey is played well if you think Smith has been bad this year. He is without question one of our best players this season and I hope he continues. That 4.8 shot percentage is an aberration just like when SK was shooting the lights out 2 seasons ago with a 25%+ percentage. The fact is if he continues to put the puck on net like he is good things will happen. He happens to be one of the few players the preds has that tries to do things to create offense and I love it when he does even when he fails. At least he isn't just dumping the puck in every time.

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