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Originally Posted by OilerFan4Life View Post
I present my argument with facts.

2004 North Carolina: Went 6-6, was their 2nd or 3rd option
2005: Sat out as he transferred to Oklahoma State
2006: 7-6, was their 1st option
2007: 7-6, was their 1st option
Went from 1st round projection to going undrafted due to a marijuana related arrest.

2008 Saskatchewan 12-6 as the Riders 5th passing option. (Dressler, Fantuz, Cates, and Bagg were ahead of him)
2009 Winnipeg 7-11 with Bowman as their 1st or 2nd option (him and terrance Edwards were like 1a and 1b)
2010 Winnipeg 4-14 with Bowman as their 2nd option being Edwards.
2011 Edmonton 11-7 as our 3rd option behind Stamps and Barnes.
2012 Edmonton 7-11 as our 2nd option behind Stamps
2013 Edmonton 4-14 as our 2nd option behind Stamps.

Please refute this.

In what way is this a fact. Bowman was easily the second look receiver that year and tied Stamps in yds with 1,159 and this being tied for 4th in the CFL. Barnes had less receptions and far less yds. This was a standout year for Bowman and accordingly the club performed well.

Also please explain how Barnes had much of anything to do with our horrible 2012 season when he spent the vast majority of it injured.

Finally, what in hell does a Marijuana arrest over half a dozen years ago when he's around 20yrs old and in college have to do with anything? jebus I know a dozen people back in college days that didn't smoke weed..

War on pot? lol We should be thankful this possibly results in him being in the CFL because in a lot of ways he looks like NFL talent.

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