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11-05-2013, 03:50 PM
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Originally Posted by Lacaar View Post
God I just looked at the standings. I just can't see a way for this team to make even a sniff of the playoffs. It's insane St.Louis has lost 2 games in regulation all year and are in 8th.

We suck so bad I don't think there is an answer. Wait for RNH, Hall, Yakupov and the rest to learn how to play NHL hockey I guess.

What a burn but suffice to say this isn't a dipsy doodle league. It's skate fast.. get to puck.. throw on net.... fight for puck... skate fast... throw on net..go to net.. fight for puck... throw on net.

Skill is such a smaller part of the game now days. It's won with board battles and positioning. We're ****ed until our players learn this. Just lose every 1 on 1 battle it seems.. if we even make it to the battle, we sure as heck didn't in Detroit.

Yup, its what you get with a bunch of offensive players who haven't learned NHL level defense.

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