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11-05-2013, 04:09 PM
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Originally Posted by Tpinheiro4 View Post
I was only using Boston as a example. What I am really asking is it possible for the Flyers to be contenders in the following season? And if so what could they do from now to get to that point?
And I was pointing out that that example has no relevance.

The NHL is different. Most teams that can have a one year turnaround to some degree either have young, developing youth that are hitting their stride (a la Colorado) or they simply just needed a retool. With some very intelligent roster moves maybe a retool could do, but at the moment the D needs a complete overhaul (especially once the season is done and Timonen is pretty much done). The forward group is a bit of a mystery or enigma at this point.

When the last time the Flyers switched it all around in one season they had Peter Forsberg to trade, a buyer that was very interested, and they gambled on some free agent rights that worked out in their favor. We don't have Peter Forsberg to trade right now and it's unlikely things will work out as perfectly as they did that season turnaround.

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