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Originally Posted by oilinblood View Post
Obviously our problem is Horcoff..." he is a complete cancer and holding back the kids"..."he does nothing"... "he looks like a chicken with hs head cut off trying to cover for everybody". "What a loser". "We need to get rid of that guy and then the young guys can show that its their team and lead this team to the cup".


"Horcoff is such a waste of space"... but "those kids will be golden without him". "wha does he think hes doing leaving his man to cover eberles man, why is he runnijng around so much"? look at him "just dragging his feet going back to the bench...pffft like show some effort going back to the bench there horcoff. disgusting lack of heart". "he obviously doesnt care. see him lose that draw? disgsuting". "what a piece of ****. that guy just doesnt care".

"Why do they have that bum horcoff on the PP?S ure we need to win a draw but once we win it all he does is stand in front of the goalie and retrieve puck off the wall. CAN WE PLEASE PUT SOMEONE TALENTED ON THE PP INSTEAD OF THAT GUTLESS BUM?" PFFFFFT

I KNOW HOCKEY CAUSE I LIVE IN EDMONTON AND I HAVE A RINK BY MY HOUSE AND I PLAY SHINNY> HORCOFF IS USELESS. Stupid coaches. Stupid People. Every coach played Horcof a tonne. Every coach has played him a tonne and therefor is dumb annd i am mr guru hockey expert from years of shinny and knowledge gained through osmosis from my neighbourhood rink. Its a conspiracy!!!!!! Its because Lowe wants to keep him. SLASH its because him and Katz are bestfriends/boyfriends/mancrushing/reincarnated high ranked nazis/ part of the illuminati/aliens/lizard people. Stupid vets. Kids are the future. Vets are anchors bringing this team down! Yell yell, scream scream. i am hockey expert!!!! hear me roar.

*add more unintelligent yapping involving zero hockey sense*

"once we get rid of horcoff, this team will fly". this team needs cancer treatment. "if horcoff doesnt leave the kids will\"
We certainly missing his on pace numbers of 18 points for the year, -23 for the year and 48% on the dot stats.

Better go back and get him, we can give up yakupov for him. We will also throw in a 7th rounder.

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