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11-05-2013, 05:22 PM
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It's possible, just as it was possible for the Sox to do it. But it's also highly unlikely, and it was pretty unlikely for the Sox.

What gives us hope is that like the '12 Red Sox, these Flyers are (I hope) better talent-wise than their record currently indicates. The Sox lost 93 games in 2012 and finished last, but there were a lot of contributing factors to that beyond the actual talent on the filed, as evidenced by the 2011 team winning 90 games despite completely imploding in September. They had injuries, a knucklehead for a manager, and chemistry issues they needed to address. The Flyers had a solid squad as recently as 2011-12, last year was an odd situation with the lockout along with them being decimated by injuries, particularly on D. So the recipe is there...they could even turn this season around. The goaltending seems to be better, jury's still out on the D, and there's a track record with the group of forwards that suggests the scoring should come around to some degree.

Basically I'm saying probably not, but if some things break there way it's definitely possible.

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