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11-05-2013, 06:01 PM
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Originally Posted by InglewoodJack View Post
Yeah. After my first semester I hated it. I wanted to switch to Dawson, but I felt like I'd be a "failure" if I quit, so I toughed it out which turned out to be a bad decision. Very terrible 2 years of my life, and I'm not even close to studying what I studied at Marianopolis haha. I'm happier in university, so I ended up where I'd have ended up regardless of my education. The school had excellent teachers though.
I also wouldn't feel comfortable using any "contact" I met there for whatever reason, but oh well.
I feel the same way. Was not a fan of Marianopolis. Met some great people I still keep in touch with, but education-wise nothing makes it stand out apart from the great profs it had (huge, but not worth a superiority complex). People were telling me it has a more serious atmosphere...but in the end it's still a bunch of CEGEP students.

Private high schools, on the other hand, are generally a different story.

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