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Originally Posted by Zaide View Post
First week almost done in physical engineering... I taking I've taken a step in the right direction.

I've read everything already and did all the suggested exercises in the textbooks so far and I'm even in advance for my thermodynamics class.

I've also bought a new desk for my room that will be more proper to studying because it's larger and it's a L-shaped corner desk. New chair that is actually comfortable too.

I hope I can continue doing like this for the remaining of the semester. At the very least I want to get into biomed engineering or biomed sciences, with my ultimate goal being medicine.

Which school are you at right now? Since you're in Génie Physique I'd guess Polytechnique? You need at least 3.6/4 to get into med school from my experience. I got in with 3.9/4 which gave me the equivalent of a cote R of 40, my last three years I got nothing less than perfect grades in each class.

If you want a tip to really succeed in engineering, I would say to focus on understanding the theory. Doing tons of exercises will do you no good. Med school is 50% interviews, 50% grades. Grades come easily if you focus on THEORY, instead of practice. Teachers can **** you if they just tweak an exercise just enough so you lose your reference points. Focus on theory and this won't be a problem. Do sports, this will do more for your grades than about anything else you can do. Set a maximum amount of time for your studies. Learn memory tricks. Focus on MATHS and deep level understanding of concepts.

Do all of this and getting into, and finishing med school will be a breeze.

However, don't listen to people who say engineering is harder than medschool. I was the best of my year, or top3 at the very least in mec. eng. and I can safely say med school is 10x the work, 10x the competitivness and everyone is at the very least as good as I am. If you have an ego vis a vis your ease at school or if you get validation from your school grades, lose it. You will be nothing special in this program.

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