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Originally Posted by HABS2DCUP View Post
Thanks, I enjoyed reading your post as my goal is also to get into medicine and my path is very similar to yours, I am currently in mechanical engineering.
However, one point I have to disagree with is with exercises. I think it depends on the person, I base my studying mostly on doing exercises and I find I am prepared for any type of question that could be asked during a midterm. Although, I agree that the importance of theory shouldn't be understated, having a healthy balance of both will be the most beneficial IMO.
I used to do the same. It would take me a lot of studying time and eventually netted me a 3.8/4 average in the first quarter/third of my diloma. But then, I tried something new, and got my best grades doing very few exercises. I would understand the problem, think about the procedure needed to solve it, and compare it with the answers. It cut my studying time by 80% and I went 4/4 through my last years. My benchmarks were the previous semesters exams, those were really the only time I would do exercises from start to finish.

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