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Originally Posted by InglewoodJack View Post
Also, general curiosity: What's the deal with McGill's Desautels school? I see it highly ranked as one of the best commerce schools in Canada, although I never hear of anyone who actually goes there. I have one friend who goes there, and is more or less ambivalent. And anyone I talk to speaks so highly of JMSB and HEC, although few people outside of University students/grads even know Desautels exists. Is it overrated, or is it just that its reputation is overshadowed by McGill's even more prestigious programs?
IMO Desautels' reputation is that of a it's overshadowed locally (especially by med school) but once outside Quebec (or perhaps even eastern Canada) then Desautels becomes more known. For this reason I'd say that Desautels' reputation is like a donut.

Originally Posted by Andrei79 View Post
Do all of this and getting into, and finishing med school will be a breeze.

However, don't listen to people who say engineering is harder than medschool. I was the best of my year, or top3 at the very least in mec. eng. and I can safely say med school is 10x the work, 10x the competitivness and everyone is at the very least as good as I am. If you have an ego vis a vis your ease at school or if you get validation from your school grades, lose it. You will be nothing special in this program.
And same goes for grad school in a STEM discipline, minus, perhaps, competitiveness... but my own supervisor said that, once one got to the second half of undergrad in physics, or phys-math (that's what I actually did for undergrad) one will experience the "funnel effect" experienced from CEGEP to med school, where, like you say, people who, for the first year of undergrad, were in the top ~1/3, end up forming the bulk of those left by graduation time.

P.S.: I wonder whether a ~3.7 in phys-math could get an interview for med school or dental school. My parents are wondering whether I was really using phys-math as some backup to med or dental school... (I know that I have to get 45+ on the MCAT if I was to take the 2015 MCAT, which is equivalent to a 34+ on today's MCAT)

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