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11-05-2013, 10:21 PM
Garbage Goal
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Don't wanna brag (well, I do), but when I said I can't see us winning this before it started...told you so.

G: Mason. He was weak on that Malhotra GWG, but with how he's been playing and the fact that it should have never been at that point and that it was a breakaway...can't fault him too much.

B: Everyone besides Mason.

U: Berube for arbitrarily benching Schenn and Gustafsson for a Meszaros-Gill pairing. They didn't lose us the game, but they sure as **** didn't help. Gustafsson had been putting up points before getting benched for seemingly no reason and Schenn had done nothing wrong before being benched for seemingly no reason. Benching those two for Meszaros-Gill does not maximize our chances of winning and anybody who has seen those four play or even knows the level of play those four can bring knows it was stupid and pointless to do. Literally the only reason he could have had for doing it is because we won with it, but anyone with a brain knows that that's overly simplistic and completely arbitrary. Plus that NJ win was just as demoralizing as every other win besides the NYI one.

I'm starting to lose faith in Berube if only just for that decision.

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