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Fraud Giroux & The Used Car Salesman

Fraud Giroux & The Used Car Salesman - If I only had a heart

You'd think that after 30 years you've seen just about everything; in whatever sport/hobby/marriage you take care to spend your energy and time in.

In this stories case that would be following the Flyers since the very late 70's as a young child. Now while I'm sure I didn't really understand everything about the game when I first watched I understood a simple thing, that this was my hometown team and I should be proud of them and cheer them on. And for all these years, good and bad; even the missing years when I was too busy in school as a young adult to follow as much as I did when I grew older, I still understood what Flyers pride meant. Just like the Eagles pride, or Phillies pride, Sixers pride, or Wings pride.

I'd always thought as long as a team showed up and played with heart I couldn't really get too upset if they lost, or lost big in a championship. We'd be back next year; a favorite Philadelphia saying to cope with failure while nursing a hangover and a broken heart.

This is one of those times of failure for the Flyers. Matter of fact it's been an ongoing train wreck in slow motion the past good while now. Changes that should have been made, players that got away, and other players who should have been acquired. But this year is a bit different. When I stop to think about the moves that brought this team to this horrible start.

How a goalie mistake that cost 10's of millions of dollars, along with a head coach getting fired before the season even got started and replaced by the Used Car Salesman. Now before I continue I will say that I was a fan of Berube as a player as a guy who stuck up for his team when it needed to be done. This prose isn't designed to try and tear him down for a decision somebody else made, which was offering him the head coach job and him taking it.

With that said, the Used Car Salesman, will not get this team where they need to be. It won't be for him not caring enough, it's just not going to work out. The dynamic is just not there over time. This is a cheap gimmick (at Craig's expense) at rehashing the Bill Barber days as a coach. And both of which at the desired moment in time will be fired by an owner who no longer understands success or proper business deals. And quite frankly someone who has no long term vision; yeah you Ed. Snyder; A rich man without a heart or a clue.

So let's do some math. How much did it cost to make Bryz go away? How does it cost to extend Fraud Giroux's contract for 8 years at a cost of 60+ million? For a player who had a moment of excited play and has since showed himself of a character on the ice that is not fitting for the C on his jersey. Hockey is played at both ends of the ice? Mediocrity must eventually be required to explain itself.

And let us not forget Homer.

Put simply the Flyers are a team playing without an identity. Players who should be in the lineup are picking splinters out of their ***** scratching their heads of why they aren't playing.

The scoring is anemic.

But alas, I am just a fan of the sport. Nobody is paying me 60 million dollars to not show up night after night, and nobody is paying me 20+ million dollars to go away back to Russia.

Come to think of it nobody is paying you to watch this fiasco either. We can all stop watching, going to the games, buying the merchandise at any time. But by the nature of an internal feeling and love we have for our teams most of us will continue to watch hoping for a change.

Because in a way the fans revenue is ultimately funded this train wreck.

And as a wise person once told me, nothing changes when there are ***** still in the seats...

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