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11-05-2013, 10:41 PM
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Originally Posted by Sarava View Post
I use Chrome at home on my mac. Never had any problems. I have an iMac though, not a laptop. I wouldn't know what to say about your laptop issues. I can say if I had those problems - the first thing I'd try to do is wipe my computer and start again from scratch. If it still persists, then you know it's a hardware problem.
i've used chrome all along, too - including on my macbook - until something happened and it decided to reject chrome and pretty much any browser but safari. i don't want to do a wipeout b/c except for the freezes and the problems w/ continually loading to bluescreen i'm not having problems w/ any other aspect. .. and when i say 'blue screen' it's not an actual crash b/c i load past the apple logo on start up.

the other problem is, like i said, boss pulled rank to get me set up on mac (when no one else was allowed to) but it's going to be a headache getting my co to pay for repairing stuff.

as an aside - it sounds like a couple of you prefer firefox to chrome. can you tell me why (i don't mean that in a rude's just my experience w/ firefox has been mostly negative and i love chrome).

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