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11-06-2013, 12:53 AM
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Originally Posted by No Fun Shogun View Post
I just checked up on it, and it appears that the Wolves are experiencing one heck of a dip in their attendance so far this year. I was very surprised at how low the attendance was for a Friday night game versus Rockford I attended a couple weeks back, but figured it was an odd exception. Answering a minor league question on the BoH reminded me of it though, so I snooped around on the AHL website. Here's the average attendance the past few seasons....

2005-06: 7,932, 4th in the AHL
2006-07: 7,830, 3rd in the AHL
2007-08: 7,474, 4th in the AHL
2008-09: 7,448, 3rd in the AHL
2009-10: 7,963, 3rd in the AHL
2010-11: 7,453, 3rd in the AHL
2011-12: 7,909, 2nd in the AHL
2012-13: 8,230, 2nd in the AHL
2013-14: 4,813, 13th in the AHL

Now, granted, it's only been five games so far, versus 40 or 38 for the other seasons, but that's one heck of a significant drop for the Wolves in the first eighth of the season.
They always draw flies early on. I was at the 2nd game last season, a Sunday afternoon vs Rockford, and their couldn't have been more than 2000 there. Way too early for this to even be a talking point.

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