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11-06-2013, 12:50 AM
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Originally Posted by Bloumeister View Post
As much as I loved Ledger in TDK, the movie I see the movie (it's on TV five ****ing times per week), the more I find the movie... ordinary. It really hinges on Ledger's performance.
It also has a terrific score, Aaron Eckhart's performance, very good action scenes by a director who uses ~75% less CGI and less green screen than his contemporaries, an extremely focused script that is focused on a single issue (what kind of hero does Gotham need?), a setting (Gotham) that is well-built and actually provides a sense of place, and a narrative that flows organically from the continuity established in the first film.

But you shouldn't watch movies on TV. These are usually not the director's cut as hey cut out a lot of scenes, and the commercials really cut the mood and break the tension. Part of the movie's strength is that it has an incredibly consistent tone and build-up of tension and escalation... so you're stripping it of richness it when watching it on TV. It's like watching Avatar on a black and white cell phone, or watching "Chicago" or "Dirty Dancing" with the sound turned off.

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