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Originally Posted by DAChampion View Post
It also has a terrific score, Aaron Eckhart's performance, very good action scenes by a director who uses ~75% less CGI and less green screen than his contemporaries, an extremely focused script that is focused on a single issue (what kind of hero does Gotham need?), a setting (Gotham) that is well-built and actually provides a sense of place, and a narrative that flows organically from the continuity established in the first film.

But you shouldn't watch movies on TV. These are usually not the director's cut as hey cut out a lot of scenes, and the commercials really cut the mood and break the tension. Part of the movie's strength is that it has an incredibly consistent tone and build-up of tension and escalation... so you're stripping it of richness it when watching it on TV. It's like watching Avatar on a black and white cell phone, or watching "Chicago" or "Dirty Dancing" with the sound turned off.
It does not. It's vignettes building to the final resolution, but they're just replaceable plot devices. Don't tell me there's actual tension in the 'which ferry is going to get blown' situation. It makes for nice philosophical mumbo-jumbo (dirtbags have values, y'know), but take the scene away from the movie, you'll see it has no bearing on the outline. What's even worse, it actually demeans the Joker's character. Once he sees that these fine folks don't blow themselves up, he's faced with his own incompetence:

1- his great plan has failed

2- his backup plan of blowing the boats up himself is thwarted

So maybe they should edit the scene next time TDK plays on TV?

Don't assume people watch movies on TV just because someone posts a comment about a movie playing on TV all the time. I enjoy the online chit-chat, but I don't need to be lectured on where and how I should view movies. You don't see me point out that you enjoy Avatar and Dirty Dancing (oops )

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