Thread: Goalies: Need Ball Hockey Tips!
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11-06-2013, 01:51 AM
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Take note early on who their good players are and if they mostly like to score or setup others. A lot of teams will have only a couple guys who can pull moves but often these are the same guys who won't pass when they should and who get frustrated and off their game when you make the save when they're showing off. You can challenge more against guys who always shoot and cheat toward the pass for guys who are always trying to get their teammates some goals.

For passes across, if your D aren't blocking these you'll have to yourself. The wide paddle of a goal stick will stop anything low down and in the unlikely event they bat it out of the air you still have your pad on the ground (leave your back leg flat on the ground close to parallel to the goal line, not behind you into the net nor face down). If the guy in front bats the floating pass over your pad he deserves the goal and at that point it's up to your D to move him from there (refs allow quite a bit of shoving in BH).

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