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11-06-2013, 07:33 AM
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Team may not be great and we're facing tougher teams now but it should be better than it is.

Play Subban 30 mins a night instead of 20 and leave him be. The team will be a lot better. It's a very easy quick fix and for the life of me I can't figure out why our coach can't see this.

Subban starts the year strong and suddenly our coach decides to bench him. He should write a book: How To Get The Least Out Of Your Players - By Michel Therrien.

I mean seriously wtf is the matter with this guy. It's ****ing common sense.
Originally Posted by MathMan View Post
The Habs have been declining significantly over the last few games, but playing the Blues and the Sharks was always going to be tough. Nevertheless, the Habs are sitting at +9 on goal-differential which is not something bad teams usually do. Unfortunately, they've been unable to win one-goal games -- usually, though, winning big and losing small is a problem that fixes itself over time. Also, once they get to play the Eastern's weak sisters, we should see a significant upswing. They haven't really seen a genuinely bad team in a while.

That said, it's got the horses to be a much better team than it's been, it just refuses to use them (the refusal to use Subban, one of the very best all-around defensemen in the game, in high-leverage situations is asinine) and instead prefers to shoot itself in the foot by playing guys who are outright liabilities (Parros, Murray).

Murray's going away when Emelin returns, thankfully, though a better replacement would've been pretty trivial to find, and it's puzzling why such a vulnerable, high-risk defenseman keeps being used in high-leverage situations. Continuing to use Parros given his, uh, performance so far (he's basically as bad as Laraque) factors for a lot in the Habs' bad performance, especially given that one of the key aspects of last season's success was a defensively capable fourth line that could give 10-ish minutes of tough defensive slog to ease up the load on the other lines. Hopefully, when Prust and/or Moen return, they go back to that; in the meantime, never playing Parros again would already be a significant improvement. They can just play DD in his slot until he gets scoring again.

It's actually pretty shocking how much of the Habs' problems can be laid at the feet of too much Murray/Parros and not enough Subban. The difference in observed performance is that big.

It also shouldn't escape notice that the worst players on the Habs are two of the GM's three off-season acquisitions. Hopefully the inexperienced GM is taking notes and learning from his mistakes.
Wow. We agree. And if we agree then I don't understand how MT can't see this...

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