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Originally Posted by MathMan View Post
TContinuing to use Parros given his, uh, performance so far (he's basically as bad as Laraque) factors for a lot in the Habs' bad performance, especially given that one of the key aspects of last season's success was a defensively capable fourth line that could give 10-ish minutes of tough defensive slog to ease up the load on the other lines.
Wait what?

Okay, I'll admit that when it comes to skill Parros is... well... he's not. However the man was brought here to defend our guys, not to score goals. And that's what he's done. Despite having only played three games this season Parros is tied for second in FM's in the league (only Cody McCormick has more). On opening night he grabbed Orr who was going after Subban in front of Carey (which resulted in his injury) and last night he grabbed Reaves after Reaves delivered a couple questionable hits.

Saying he's been as bad as Laraque is just a disservice to the man. Sure, he could be a more complete player. But he's done what he is paid to do. He's done what he was brought here to do. That's more than BGL ever did. BGL came to the aid of a team mate once - in January 2009 Brad May picked a fight with Francis Bouillion (while BGL was out of the lineup) and Frank the Tank answered the bell, but got beat pretty bad. The next game (sometime in February) BGL spanked May for picking on Bouillion. That's it. Otherwise he was completely ineffective.

I don't necessarily think we need to have a Parros in the lineup every night (although I'm sure there are people who would like to have three Parros' in the lineup every night). However I see nothing wrong with it, nor do I see anything wrong with the way he has performed thus far. If there is such a thing as a deterrent Parros is it.

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