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Originally Posted by LordFletcher View Post
- HD Scoreboard and have it running the local broadcast and during intermissions show league highlights / NHL network with the sound off so we can still watch the kids play

- Music / new goal song, hire Avicii and have him make something exclusive and bad a$$

- Lights heavily dimmed during play and brightened back during home goals

- Organ zamboni with a mad man playing the hell out of it!

- Have the end sections be for ROWDY fans, lower and upper levels.

- New food. get rid of the crap pretzels and cheap foods. If we have to pay $5-6 for crap, we may as well pay $8-9 for something good

- add more urinals to the bathrooms, something... sick of constant lines during obvious times

- Giveaways each and every night. Signed pucks from warm-ups post game, anything that clearly doesn't cost the team much but the fan values greatly

*****I'll keep adding in an edit as I think of more ideas.
I like the idea of having better music as well, but I would strongly suggest getting a different variety of artists. Why not put music on that the players prefer? How many of the Wild guys listen to club/disco/miley cyrus $**t? If you watch other games on NBCSN or when we are the visiting team, there is a variety of all types of genres. Nothing is wrong throwing in a old school rock song. Everyone can get pumped up to Immigrant Song by Led for example. Sometimes it feels like the person in control of the music has stolen his teenage daughter's ipod and it is a buzz kill, at least for me.

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